About us

In December 2012 I decided to cut my hair and go totally natural. I quickly found out
that this journey was not going to be simple or easy because it was difficult to find the
right products for the several textures of my hair. I found myself purchasing different
products from several different companies to gain the results I wanted for my hair. I got
frustrated and began the process of researching how to make my own products.

CURLEE was founded in 2013 out of a need to have a hair care line that had everything I
needed to grow and maintain my natural curls. With the encouragement from students in
my Costa Rican Mission Trip Self-Esteem class, (My church, Imani Community Church
runs a music and life enrichment institute every year in Limon, Costa Rica) family and
friends to move forward with my journey and begin selling the products I already made,
Curlee was born. Curlee is a women-owned company located in the Oakland Bay Area
and we are dedicated to helping you “Reclaim Your Curl”.

We specialize in hair products that have a unique blend of top quality ingredients, unique
fragrances and every-day affordable prices. Over the past year, we have steadily grown
our business to accommodate the needs of our customers maintaining a close personal
relationship and educating them about our products and reclaiming their natural curl.
I not only want to have products available for our customers, but I also want to educate
them about using natural products to grow, maintain healthy and transition their hair to
it’s most natural state.

Hi, I’m Charisse Lee and I love my natural curl and am proud and honored to have a
loyal customer base that loves CURLEE!